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Welcome to ULEIGH C&C, I’m Emmalee, I'm the owner and from Wisconsin  but have spent the last four year in Texas until moving back to the gorgeous, four season life in Osceola,  Wisconsin.

As a mom, I know the how important it is to feel pampered, special, and beautiful while being surrounded by a relaxing ambiance.

Therefore I have designed my studio suite experience in a way that will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to handle life.

I have been a stylist for 11+ years and never have been more in love with my craft and excited to make a difference for my clients. Seeing a client smile once the chair is spun around is always my favorite moment.


Specializing in Color services and always expanding my knowledge in all aspects of my profession, I advance my training throughout the year to only bring you the very best.


Coming back home to one of the most breathe taking areas in America, I know that spending time outside is a must. Hiking trails at the state parks, kayaking the St. Croix, and  snowshoeing are all amazing. I have learned a thing or two about the midwestern outdoors!


That being said, the outdoors can be harsh, and keeping healthy, strong hair in our ever changing climate can be a daunting task. That's why ULEIGH C&C is here to share some tips and tricks, along with our outstanding services so that you always stay beautiful!

I Look forward to meeting you in person! Book your appointment today or any questions feel free to contact me at

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